Fruit - friend or foe? - Sugarfree Sundays
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Fruit – friend or foe?

Fruit – friend or foe?

This is not a nitty gritty science post. I will save the numbers and deets for a future podcast! This is a quick, plain and simple no nonsense post.

I am a big believer that simply including MORE fruit and veg in your life is one of the simplest and best things you can do to improve your health. Peeps are like “only have one fruit a day” or don’t eat fruit after lunch time and I just quietly (but not quietly at all haha) roll my eyes.  Having an extra apple or exceeding your “2 fruit a day” rule should really be the least of your health concerns.

It’s just so context dependent that there are NO hard and fast rules about it! What does the rest of your diet consist of, what health ailments do you struggle with (eg women with PCOS may benefit from reducing higher carb fruits in their diet), what are your bods energy requirements etc etc.

People get so wrapped up in the small things like 2 vs 3 fruits, or meal timing, what they should cut out, when the basics haven’t even been mastered. And for most that would simply be eating MORE whole, unprocessed foods. This will naturally decrease the more refined foods in your diet, and having a mindset of what can you add as opposed to what can you can take away is way more fun!

So here’s to MORE water, more walking, more fruit and veg, and more good ‘ol LOVIN and hugs!