Want to collab? - Sugarfree Sundays
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Want to collab?

I am passionate about living a healthy life in a genuinely balanced and sustainable way, and sharing knowledge about this with others. I love working with brands who share this philosophy in various ways, through initiatives and projects we can share across one or both of our platforms, including recipe development, product exposure, events, reviews and content creation.

I am quite selective about projects I get involved with as time is very limited, and I want to be sure it’s something I genuinely stand for and that it will be beneficial to others, but please don’t hesitate to pop me a message if you think that we could make something beautifully fabulous together! <3

And then of course there’s events and speaking. Whether it be health, business or just LIVIN’ related, leading innovative baking or cooking classes, or being involved in workshops, I love face to face projects.

In today’s world, there really is no limit to the exciting things we could think up, so slide into my mails and let’s get chatting!