About Me - Sugarfree Sundays
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How do I go about writing an ‘about me’ page when there is so much I haven’t quite figured out yet?

I am a young adult living in the dynamic and endlessly beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. When I’m not there, I’m usually immersing myself in a foreign culture overseas. I am a chemistry graduate (I completed my BSc in Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Cape Town) turned entrepreneur. Apart from starting my business, Macro Mixes, I am an evidence based wellness blogger through Sugarfree Sundays, sharing content on here, through my podcast and then lots on Insta as well, where I am the most active. In addition to this I do work as a freelancer, doing mostly recipe development, food styling & photography, and social media projects for other brands. But more on that here.

I am also a big fitness enthusiast, and being extremely passionate about nutrition, I believe strongly in power of a balanced, wholefood diet. As a recipe developer, I center my recipes around this, and strive to make genuinely healthy eating easy, delicious and totally attainable. Of course I’m always doing some educating and serious myth busting at the same time, as I cannot stand health fads. I find great joy in simplifying the big mess of confusing ‘wellness info’ that the internet is flooded with. But most of those #maxirants are over on my Instagram where I share my life, thoughts, and daily attempts and (and many fails) at leading a wholesome life!

Sugarfree Sundays is a culmination of my passions, and has grown from a small space to share healthy recipes to a platform that provides evidence based healthy living information, a community for likeminded individuals, and a source of healthy living motivation. I find great pleasure in creating and sharing content that empowers people to ‘live their best lives’, and that is the driving force behind Sugarfree Sundays. But it goes deeper than just content, it is about making wellness achievable for all, and striving to go about this in a way that is balanced, sustainable and just loads of fun.