About Me - Sugarfree Sundays
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Hi, I’m Max! I bring balance, science and sass to healthy living.

Based in Cape Town, I am a Chem graduate (I studied a BSc at the University of Cape Town) turned entrepreneur. My official job is founder and CEO of Macro Mixes, where we are industry leaders in providing high protein, sugar free and calorie controlled baking premixes and porridges. Basically, we help busy people eat better. Cake for breakfast anyone?

And on the side I am an evidence based health blogger through Sugarfree Sundays, sharing content on here, through my podcast and then lots on Instagram as well, where I am the most active. If I can squeeze it in, I do some work as a digital creator and recipe developer for other brands as well. More on that here.

My health philosophy is simple. Facts not fads, and food should be fun. I am passionate about nutrition and well aware of the powder of a varied, whole food diet, but I don’t believe in food rules or restriction. Mindfulness and self compassion are at the core of our health journeys, and only really when choices stem from there we can all strike our unique ‘balance’. 

Myth busting, educating and refuting fads are at the basis of a lot of my work, and I find great joy in simplifying the big mess of confusing ‘wellness’ info out there. But most of those #maxirants are over on my Instagram where I share my life, thoughts, and daily attempts (and fails) and achieving my own balanced life.

Sugarfree Sundays is a culmination of my passions, and has grown from a small space to share healthy recipes to a platform that provides evidence based healthy living information, a community for likeminded individuals, and a source of healthy living motivation. I find great pleasure in creating and sharing content that empowers people to ‘live their best lives’, and that is the driving force behind Sugarfree Sundays. But it goes deeper than just content, it is about making wellness achievable for all, and striving to go about this in a way that is balanced, sustainable and just loads of fun.