Macro Mixes - Calorie controlled, high protein meals to living a healthy lifestyle
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Story time…

Okay, talk about a LOVE CHILD. These Macro Mixes are the culmination of years of reading up on nutrition, experimentation both in the kitchen and with my diet, and a whole lotta love. I wanted to create products that I wish I had access to when I began my journey to living a healthier lifestyle.

I am passionate about the power of a wholefood, minimally refined, and balanced diet, and I struggled to find products on the market that matched those requirements for me. As a result, I found myself combining various things in order to make a suitable breakfast porridge or healthy loaf.

And so I created Macro Mixes to be a one stop shop:

-High protein

-Calorie controlled

-Made with minimally processed ingredients

-Designed to provide ultimate convenience

I also wanted the range to include options to suit various dietary requirements while still aligning with my own dietary principles. So while each and every product with be high protein and made with wholefood ingredients, some are low carb, others are more evenly split between carbs and fats, and some are vegan. You can, however, be assured that all are proudly sugar, gluten and dairy free.

Healthy eating shouldn’t be a chore. It shouldn’t be confusing or complicated. It should be easy, convenient and absolutely DELICIOUS. And through Macro Mixes I hope to provide that.

xxx Max