The danger of 'healthy food' trends - Sugarfree Sundays
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The danger of ‘healthy food’ trends

The danger of ‘healthy food’ trends

I know that many of the recipes I post are gluten-free, dairy free or sugar free. Hell, my blog is called Sugarfree Sundays! Don’t be fooled, I eat all of the above, every. single. day… And unless you have a genuine health reason not to, there is no reason why you shouldn’t either!

Too many people think that the above qualities make a recipe (or food item) healthier than another. And this is simply not true! I create recipes like that so that people with a variety of genuine dietary requirements can enjoy healthy, delish treats, NOT because I think that coconut oil is a superior fat to butter or that gluten free flour is better than regular flour.

I do, however, like to create recipes that are balanced in their macronutrient composition and contain mostly minimally refined ingredients because I would say that this makes a recipe healthier. And because that means I can eat my goodies all day erry day and still get in an adequate amount of protein and micronutrients because my recipes are rich in those. But it is not their lack of gluten or dairy that is making them healthy, or the fact that they may be vegan. It is more around the fact that most of the ingredients are ‘whole foods’ and usually not too processed.

So next time you see a GF muffin next to a regular one, or a cake made with coconut sugar instead of regular sugar, please don’t make it your choice because you think it is superior. Do so if you genuinely want the item, but not out of guilt because you’re trying to make the ‘right’ choice.

I saw a goodie the other day… the sugar used was bio organic. These kind of food labels have created confusion for those looking to improve their health, they lack an evidence based backing and the worst part for me is they make certain foods (ie regular sugar) be seen as bad by making it the ‘less desirable’ choice.

Lets not inadvertantly demonise any foods by adding bio to the front of others. Sugar, gluten, and all those good things can (and unless there’s a health reason to suggest otherwise, should), be included in moderation in a healthy, balanced diet!