5 EASY ways to eat healthier - Sugarfree Sundays
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5 EASY ways to eat healthier

5 EASY ways to eat healthier

Today I’m sharing 5 tips/habits that have genuinely helped me make PRACTICAL and SUSTAINABLE healthy eating changes. It is not about anything drastic, it is about making smarter choices. Now don’t just READ these -> set aside time this eve to physically DO them.


First things first, get rid of the foods that aren’t helpful for you to have around. Grab a packet and fill it with any foods that you know don’t serve your best interests, whatever that means for you, or are just devoid of any nutritional value. Then go and give them away. I don’t want to say get rid of all chocolates and sweets because I don’t want to demonise them, and it is more helpful to learn to have them around and enjoy them in moderation. So instead I am saying foods that don’t serve you. It is up to you to decide what you’d like to have around, just be proactive about it.


I have often spoken about this, so I won’t go into deets again, but I will say this – even if you don’t fully prepare meals in advance, make sure you at least have some healthy snacks sorted. Bake something and freeze it. Have cooked lean protein and veg in your fridge. There is nothing worse that being starving and not having something wholesome to grab.


Out of sight out of mind! Don’t leave foods that you would like to eat less frequently lying all over the place. Studies have shown that if something is further away or harder to access you are less likely to eat it. Leave prechopped veg on the eye level shelf in the fridge. Leave fruit on the counter. This way you aren’t saying you can’t have the further away foods, you are just decreasing how often you think about them, and manipulating your environment in such a way that it, as opposed to will power, can set you up for success.


Put sticky notes up in the kitchen that say lovely things to yourself. Because when you are kind to yourself you are less likely to self sabotage your efforts to be healthy. If you read, “You are beautiful and fierce, and everything you ever want for your life is within your grasp,” are you really going to be satisfied with throwing 2 minute noodles into a bowl for dinner? No. Because you will have reminded yourself that you deserve MORE.

5️⃣PLAN and LEARN:

Cook a new recipe for someone you love. Spend 10 mins on Pinterest finding a delish, healthy meal, write a shopping list, buy what you need and plan to cook it one night this week. Flip, make a healthy treat from my blog! Here is the link to my latest (and super simple) FREEZER FUDGE RECIPE! Adding healthy recipes to your mental recipe repertoire keeps healthy eating exciting & easy!