SFS series #1 - Myog Frozen Yogurt - Sugarfree Sundays
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SFS series #1 – Myog Frozen Yogurt

SFS series #1 – Myog Frozen Yogurt

It is with a so much excitement that I get to launch the first of a series of blog posts today called the Sugar free Sundays Series! Today is the perfect day for this because a) today is a Sunday, and b) today is January the 22nd, which means you’re well into putting those fresh New Years resolutions to be healthier into practice.

Every second Sunday I will be testing out and reviewing a delicious sugar free dessert or product that can be found in Cape Town. I really am mildly obsessed with low sugar alternatives to well-known treats, to the point that I actually named this blog after the idea.

So, onto the first edition of the SFS Series! Anyone who knows me well can probably guess what I’ve chosen to be the first sugar free treat in this series. Drumroll please… it is Myog Frozen Yogurt.


I literally waited in anticipation for the 1st of October 2016 to roll around, which is the date that Myog had announced they would be rolling out their new and improved (sugar free) recipe countrywide. Needless to say, I have been ‘treating’ myself to countless tubs of sugar free froyo ever since. Their new recipe uses stevia and erythritol as sweeteners, and is pretty low in calories overall. I was concerned that the froyo wouldn’t taste as good as it did before, but it is arguably even better now! Maybe that’s just the guilt free aspect playing a role though… who knows. Who cares? Because it’s absolutely delicious.

Make sure that you choose the healthy toppings so that your healthy snack doesn’t turn into cookie chunks and chocolate sauce with a side of sugar free froyo! The nuts and fruits are fresh and yummy. Also, something I only discovered the last time I was there, they sometimes have a few extra healthy toppings on the side like ground ginger, chia seeds, cinnamon and a few others, so just request those if they’re not on display.

Myog has 3 branches, with different favours at each one. The flavours available this January are:
Kloof Street – Mango, Plain, Rooibos
Sea Point – Plain, Cinnamon, Coconut
Stellenbosch – Coffee, Lemon, Plain
There are also limited edition flavours available.

I hope everyone treats themselves to a tub of this yumminess this week. Enjoy! xxx