SFS series #2 - Woolworths Belgian chocolate - Sugarfree Sundays
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SFS series #2 – Woolworths Belgian chocolate

SFS series #2 – Woolworths Belgian chocolate

I was just casually strolling through the Woolworths food aisles a few weeks ago when I made a potentially life changing discovery (well dessert changing at least).

When shopping, I believe there are two kinds of people. The first kind come into the shops on a mission, grab the items they need, and leave. The second kind like to take their time, check out any new products, read the nutritional information and just generally buy way more groceries than they originally intended. Needless to say, I’m the latter. Grocery shopping is genuinely more of a leisure activity for me than a chore. So imagine my surprise when I was glancing across the chocolate section and I came across their new range of Belgian chocolates with no added sugar! Way more excited than what would be considered normal, I glanced at the nutritional content, grabbed one of each flavour, and headed to the tills.

That brings me to this weeks edition of the Sugar free Sundays Series – Woolworths Belgian Chocolate with no added sugar.


There are loads of sugar free chocolates out there but they usually have an odd after taste, texture or flavour. These are genuinely the tastiest sugar free chocolates I have tasted. Instead of sugar, they are sweetened with stevia glycosides, a natural sweetener. They come in a few flavours – dark chocolate with berries, dark chocolate with cocoa nibs, and milk chocolate. My personal favourite is the dark choc with berries because I think the tart accent the little berry pieces add complement the cocoa really nicely. In terms of health, the dark ones are a bit healthier as they have less carbohydrates in them.


Obviously you can munch the chocolate as is, but if you want to be even healthier and limit your intake, a really nice idea is to melt some and make chocolate dipped strawberries as a a sweet bite to curb those after dinner sugar cravings.


I wanted to see how the chocolate would hold up for baking so I made some sugar free, gluten free chocolate chip cookies! They came out amazingly, and literally only took a few minutes to whip up. In a blind taste test I can confidently say I would not have known that the cookies or the chocolate chips were sugar free, which safely means I can call these a success!