About Me

How do I go about writing an ‘about me’ page when there is so much I haven’t quite figured out yet?

I am a young adult (not sure when exactly I transitioned from teenager, but I think it happened when I crashed my car for the third time and was finally made to deal with the legalities on my own), living in the dynamic and endlessly beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. When I’m not there, I’m usually immersing myself in a foreign culture overseas. I have just completed my studies at the University of Cape Town and now have a BSc in Chemistry and Biochemistry, and am planning to study nutrition in 2018. I also have secret aspirations to open a healthy gelato shop (a paradox I intend to disprove), so we will see which one prevails!

I have a random and diverse collection of interests and hobbies, including becoming the only person in Cape Town to sample every sugar free product this city has to offer.

I am sharing my quest to find a harmonious balance between being an absolute food fanatic, a slightly obsessive nutrition scholar, and a fitness enthusiast.

This blog will combine nutritious recipes, the healthiest offerings from Cape Town’s flourishing culinary scene, overall wellness and fitness, and even maintaining this while travelling. And it will obviously include some mildy sciency titbits that I pick up during my ceaseless quest to understand the workings of nutrition.

Follow along and lets navigate this journey towards a foodie centred but healthy lifestyle together!